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MSPO 2022: ZMT SR-50 anti-material rifle

MSPO 2022: ZMT SR-50 anti-material rifle

At this year's MSPO in Kielce, the ZMT SR-50 rifle has had its premiere, It is a result of cooperation between Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów, Polish Army Land Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces, as a potential successor to the large-caliber TOR anti-material rifle.


An interesting fact here is the folding stock, which significantly reduces the length of the rifle after it is folded. In principle, however, it is less important as the requirement was to quickly disassemble the whole into two separate and easily carried parts. As a result, the rifle can be folded into simple, lightweight elements for the members of a combat team to carry. One with full optics and a barrel, the other with all the rest. The disassembly can be done after taking out only two pins after first turning them (which is to prevent them from spontaneous falling out).


At this point it should be emphasized that replacing the barrel is as simple as "dismantling" the whole. To replace it, it is enough to remove just one pin. The downside, however, is the added weight of the SR-50 as compared to similar designs not having this feature.
Nevertheless, the rifle weighs around 12 kilograms with a barrel length of 29 inches.


In Kielce, the whole was presented together with the installed Swiss silencer.

The most interesting feature may turn out to be the fact that it is compatible with McMillan standard magazines. We were assured that the owners of such products should not encounter any problems when using them with the product from Tarnów. The trigger is a Remington M700 standard which gives a wide spectrum of modifications, especially considering the market saturation with ready-made solutions based on this standard.



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