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MSPO 2022: Camo suit by Maskpol

MSPO 2022: Camo suit by Maskpol

When it comes to equipment for individual soldiers, there is no such thing as a "full set" and everything. There will always be a gap - space for additional elements resulting from the specifics of currently conducted activities.


One of such elements that is often overlooked is winter camo. It is true that many soldiers obtain commercial equipment on their own, or use various techniques for cutting white fabrics, on a global scale, winter camo is practically non-existent in warehouses of military units.
The proposal from MASKPOL is to fit into the existing gap and is to provide an opportunity retrofitting this very important but often overlooked piece of equipment.

At the moment, the product is already refined and tested in local and foreign proving grounds. After which some conclusions were drawn and there is still room for some modifications of the product presented at the MSPO fair.


The fabric is lightweight and is not designed to absorb significant amounts of moisture. The cut has reinforcements at the knees and, more importantly, it has a large detachable pocket. Its purpose is to enable easy and quick access to the elements of the equipment so that they don't have to be put on the camo suit.



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