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Sig Sauer SPEAR in the Light version

Sig Sauer SPEAR in the Light version

Sig Sauer has been on the lips of the majority of the shooting community for some time - be it thanks to the well-selling P230 pistol series, which is the "aftermath" of winning the US Army MHS program, or winning the program of the US Army for new rifles and carbines chambered for the new .277 FURY (NGWS) cartridge. This time Sig has presented a real treat for civilian shooters - a slimmed-down version of the classic Sig MCX called Sig Sauer MCX SPEAR LT.


Let's start with the most important information for civilian shooters, the caliber. The new Sig is offered in the .223 Rem caliber, well-known and liked in the US (and not only there). What's more, the manufacturer presented the weapon in the .300BLK and also 7.62x39mm calibers (fed by 28-round magazines). The last option should be well received in the Middle and Easter Europe.





Despite the name SPEAR, the new carbine is slightly more related to the Sig Sauer Virtus released in 2015, which can also be seen in the hands of Polish shooters. The most important element of the model's slimness is undoubtedly the handguard, which is a bit more slender than in the classic MCX. The M-Lok interface was used on a larger scale, the slots of which were also placed on the lower and upper sections of the handguard at 45° angles. This was not the case in the Virtus model.



On the side in the top section of the handguard, additional mounting and stabilizing screws have also been added for better zero grip - which was problematic on previous models.


The two lower screws were kept, as in previous models. Moving on to the lower receiver, the most important changes seem to be the addition a double-sided bolt catch and redesigning the stock latch.


In the MCX SPEAR LT, all one needs to do is to press the button and fold the stock on the left side of the rifle. The top photo shows the new stock latch.



In the previous model, this procedure had to be performed by moving the stock down and to the right. A small change but it seems to be a significant one in terms of the time needed to perform the above-described operation. There is also a place on the stock for a minimalist, detachable cheek pad.


An interesting fact is that the newest MCX SPEAR LT can use standard AR15 triggers - something that will undoubtedly please potential buyers due to the limited number and price of triggers dedicated to previous versions. If we are already talking about internal parts, the bolt and bolt carrier in both versions are identical from the outside. The firing pin lock has been redesigned.


Thanks to this change it is possible to use the above mentioned AR15 triggers. The firing pin lock in the SPEAR bolt carrier is on the left side just behind the firing pin, while older models have it located in the upper part.


First from the top - the new MCX SPEAR LT bolt and bolt carrier assembly

The good news is also the so-called backward compatibility of parts, i.e. the ability to use components of older MCX models in the new SPEAR LT.
Due to the modular design of the system, the replacement of the barrel in the Sig MCX SPEAR LT can be done in the field, without the use of specialized gunsmith tools. The procedure takes only a few moments.

The rifles are delivered to the user with a barrel topped with a flash hider compatible with the new Sig Sauer SLH/SLX silencers, thus facilitating potential suppressing of the rifle. The barrel lengths offered in the new MCX are 16 inches and 11.5 inches for the .223/5.56 mm and 7.62x39 mm round and 9 inches for the .300 Blackout model. The weapon is factory-anodized in Coyote color, while previous models were available in anodized or Cerakote-coated versions. According to the company's representative, the price is expected to oscillate around $ 2500.




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