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FN Hernstal with 545 and 510 pistols

FN Hernstal with 545 and 510 pistols

FN Hernstal with 545 and 510 pistols

The 510 and 545 models from FN Hernstal have joined the category of concealed carry pistols.

The new pistols are hamerless designs based on the Model 509, featuring an optics-ready slide, elevated tall iron sights with tritium inserts, and a 5-pound precision trigger in the Model 545 and a 6-pound trigger in the Model 510. Like all modern designs, all the manipulators in the guns are double-sided for better handling, and there is also an underbarrel rail for accessories. In addition, the 4.71-inch long, cold-forged barrels are threaded for mounting muzzle devices. In terms of magazines, there will be sets with two smaller magazines for concealed carrying (10 rounds each for the 545 and 510 models) and a set with an extended magazine and a standard one (22 and 15 rounds for the 510 model and 18 and 15 rounds for the 545 model). The whole set is to come in a nice looking case, with a pistol lock, 4 mounting plates for reflex sights, a selected set of magazines and two interchangeable grip covers for just 1139 USD.

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