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Hot new products from InfiRay Outdoor
Hot new products from InfiRay Outdoor

Hot new products from InfiRay Outdoor

Hot new products from InfiRay Outdoor
Hot new products from InfiRay Outdoor

As previously announced, one day before the opening of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2023, InfiRay Outdoor, a manufacturer of innovative thermal imaging systems, has presented new models of its thermal imagers: the Thermal+ Dual DP19/6x24WRG, the Tube SE series and the ZOOM ZH50 v2.

Thermal+ Dual DP19/6x24WRG Monocular

The most important of the new products seems to be the second product from the innovative Thermal+ line, which combines traditional, analog daytime optics with thermal imaging capabilities. The new model is the Dual DP19/6x24WRG: a handheld monocular, additionally equipped with a laser rangefinder .

The monocular's main day channel has a 6x optical zoom and a 24mm lens, resulting in a 4mm exit pupil. The viewing angle of this image layer is 7 degrees. The comfort of observation should be improved by the distance of the exit pupil: 25 mm.

The Dual DP19/6x24WRG is equipped with the LRF module, which enables measuring the distance to the observed object at the user's request or in continuous mode. The range of the rangefinder operating on the basis of a beam with a wavelength of 905 nm is up to 1500 meters. The device can also indicate the current inclination up to 60 degrees up or down.

The VOx sensor with a resolution of 256x192 pixels and a size of 12 μm is responsible for the thermal imaging layer. Combined with a 19mm lens, this translates into a 2x base magnification and a 9x6.7° field of view. The thermal sensitivity of the sensor is defined as ≤40 mK, and the detection range of an object similar in size to a human figure is up to 980 meters. To ensure proper viewing comfort, the image is displayed with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. In full thermal mode, there are three color palettes to choose from: White hot, Black hot and Green hot. It is also possible to use digital zoom to increase the total magnification value of the thermal layer of up to 8x.

The classic view of the optical monocular can be coupled with thermal imaging at any time to achieve full fusion. This type of multispectral imaging allows to highlight the contours of objects with the highest emissivity, while retaining all the advantages of observing the environment in visible light mode.

The Dual DP19/6x24WRG is made of magnesium alloy and weighs only 460g. The screen used in the device responsible for displaying the interface and the thermal layer is of the AMOLED type with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The monocular is also equipped with a video and photo recorder with 16 GB capacity. The built-in battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh is responsible for the power supply, which allows up to 8 hours of continuous operation in favorable conditions. It is possible to connect an external 5V power source and charge the monocular using the integrated USB-C socket. The entire product is protected against dust and water in high IP67 standard. The manufacturer has also provided support for the Wi-Fi standard and a dedicated application.

Tube SE range

The Tube line thermal imaging scopes have been available on the market for a long time, they also had their successors, marked as v2. This time InfiRay Outdoor has presented Tube models from the SE series. These are lighter, shorter and streamlined versions, built on the lessons learned from previous Tube products. At the moment, the TL25 SE and TL35 SE variants are planned, differing in the size of the lens, and thus also in the zoom and field of view.

Currently announced Tube SE models use a VOx sensor with a resolution of 384x288 pixels in a size of 12 μm. An inaccuracy within the stated thermal sensitivity may be observed. According to the manual the NETD is ≤40 mK, while in the brochure it is emphasized as ≤25 mK. The image is displayed with a refresh rate of 50 Hz on a 0.43" OLED screen with a resolution of 1536x1080 pixels.

Tube TL25 SE is equipped with a lens with a diameter of 25 mm, while Tube TL35 SE has a 35 mm lens. The first variant has an optical zoom of 2x and the possibility of digital magnification up to a maximum of 8x. At the smallest magnification, this translates into a field of view of 10.5x7.4°. By contrast, the base value for the TL35 SE is 3x (field of view of 7.5x5.3°) and can be digitally enhanced up to 9x.

The way the device is operated has changed: in addition to the buttons, there is also a special controller and a classic knob responsible for changing the digital zoom.

Compared to earlier variants, the working time of the Tube SE models has been extended to 11 hours thanks to the built-in 18650 type power supply with a capacity of 3350 mAh. Cooperation with an external laser rangefinder is possible thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, there is also support for Wi-Fi and a dedicated application. Like other fresh products from InfiRay Outdoor, the Tube SE series provides numerous additional features (e.g. a compass), it is also equipped with a photo and video recorder with sound with built-in 32 GB memory.

To mount the thermal imager on the weapon, a Picatinny rail clamps included in the set are used. Thanks to the standard 1" tube, it is also compatible with many other mounts. While the previous Tube variants weighed more than 900 grams, the Tube SE series weighs significantly less: below 720 grams. It works with weapons with a recoil not exceeding 6,000 J and meets the high requirements of dust and water resistance: IP67.

Variable zoom monocular: the ZOOM ZH50 V2

The last of the presented new products is a refreshed version of the ZOOM ZH50 monocular, which enabled a two-stage change of the base optical zoom, allowing to maintain the native resolution of the thermal sensor. The model marked as v2 is characterized by improved handling, improved image processing algorithms, as well as longer working time.

All other features known from the original have been retained. A two-step base zoom lets one choose between 2x and 4x magnification. Both levels can be increased up to four times with digital zoom (up to 8x and 16x).

The VOx sensor with a resolution of 640x512 pixels and a size of 12 μm is responsible for the quality of the image. The thermal sensitivity of NETD is ≤25 mK, and the image is displayed at a refresh rate of 50 Hz on an AMOLED display with a matrix of 1440x1080.

At the moment there is no information, but it can be assumed that the other models of the ZOOM thermal imagers, i.e. the ZL38 and the ZH38, will be refreshed in a similar way.

Source: InfiRay Outdoor



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