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New PARD sights: TD5, FT-34 and NV007SP-LRF
New PARD sights: TD5, FT-34 and NV007SP-LRF

New PARD sights: TD5, FT-34 and NV007SP-LRF

New PARD sights: TD5, FT-34 and NV007SP-LRF
New PARD sights: TD5, FT-34 and NV007SP-LRF

The PARD company specializes in the creation of optoelectronic night vision and thermal imaging devices. Not all of these products are absolute novelties: the NV007SP-LRF was launched in late 2022.


The most interesting device is the TD5 multispectral sight. It was presented during the recent SHOT Show in the USA. It seems to draw inspiration from competing products such as the Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP50 and DXP55.

The Pard TD5 has a shape of a classic scope with a 30 mm tube, combines the features of a thermal and night vision sight and a laser rangefinder with the function of a ballistic calculator. The 384x288 pixels sensor in the 12 µm technology is responsible for thermal imaging. Using visible light and IR, the proprietary sensor has a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and a sensitivity of 0.001 lux. The base magnification of the daytime optical channel is 5.6x.

The image is displayed to the user on a round IPS screen with a resolution of 800x800 pixels. Multispectral functions are solved, as in Pulsar products, thanks to the Picture in Picture option. However, this is not the end of the functionality of the device. The additional two lenses visible in the front of the scope are the IR illuminator (850 nm) and the LRF module with a range of up to 1000 meters.

This kind of device offers many additional functions thanks to its software, it is resistant to recoil of up to 6000 J and protected against dust and water in the high IP67 class.

Stills from Youtube: Hunt The Night; The Night Vision Show

The PARD FT-34

Another fresh product is a multifunctional thermal imaging device that can be used as a handheld observation monocular, a stand-alone sight and a clip-on overlay for daytime optics.

The 384x288 pixel sensor made in the 12 µm technology has a high NETD sensitivity of  ≤25 mK. According to the manufacturer, with a 35mm lens, the base optical magnification is 1x. An OLED screen with a resolution of 1440x1080 pixels is responsible for displaying the image.

The new thermal imager offers video recording with sound (1024x768) and photos (2592x1944) on a TF memory card (up to 128 GB capacity). It is compatible with Wi-Fi, PC and mobile devices (both Android and iOS). The product is available in two versions: with the LRF module with a range of up to 1200 yards (less than 1100 meters) and without the rangefinder. Implemented functionalities include: PiP mode, electronic compass, ballistic calculator and gyroscope. The FT-34 is powered by popular Li-Ion 18650 cells.

This multi-function thermal imager weighs 455 grams (without batteries), can withstands recoil up to 6000 J and is dust and water resistant in accordance with the IP67 standard. The manufacturer's suggested price is 3399 USD.

Source: The Firearm Blog


At the end of last year, a new version of the popular NV007 series night vision device saw the light of day. The model marked as the NV007SP-LRF is equipped with a laser rangefinder with a range of 1000 meters.

The second significant change is the use of a CMOS sensor with a higher resolution: 2560x1440 pixels (in the NV007S model it was 1920x1080 pixels). Sensitivity remained unchanged: 0.001 lux.

Photos: PARD



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