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SmartGun by Biofire Technologies
SmartGun by Biofire Technologies

SmartGun by Biofire Technologies

SmartGun by Biofire Technologies
SmartGun by Biofire Technologies

In the era of "smart" devices, more and more new combinations are being created. In addition to remotely controlled shooting stations, there are also solutions that increase the safety of using weapons. One of the biggest problems is access to weapons by unauthorized persons, which is often difficult to prevent due to human error. The newly proposed SmartGun pistol design by Biofire Technologies deeply integrates biometric scanning technology of fingerprints and facial recognition for owner-only access.

This is possible with the use of scanners located on the left and right side under the magazine release button and the camera aimed at the shooter, located at the back of the frame. The status of the weapon is visually indicated with an LED located under the camera.

The pistol is an original design and is not based on any known platform due to the combination of all high-level security features, which means that even disassembling it and removing the security systems does not allow to create a "bare" weapon without the above-mentioned functionalities. The pistol is  chambered in 9 mm Parabellum and fed from dedicated magazines, has a fixed barrel and a slide similar to the one known from the Maxim 9 pistol, which was required for the correct interaction of the whole setup. Inside we will find a power source in the form of a battery, which is charged in a docking station also dubbing as a unit for programming users authorized to fire the gun.


The pistol is not available for purchase yet, it is only possible to place a pre-order. The price is 1499 USD and availability is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.





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