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Twoja przeglądarka jest przestarzała. Niektóre funkcjonalności mogą nie działać poprawnie. Zalecamy aktualizajcę lub zmianę przeglądarki na nowszą.

Legun is dead, long live Legun
Legun is dead, long live Legun

Legun is dead, long live Legun

Legun is dead, long live Legun
Legun is dead, long live Legun

After the turmoil caused by the current geopolitical situation and other problems, the Legun camouflage project (Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available) was shelved by its creator, Jakub Czerwiński, better known as the Annoying Historian.

Legun complete Rhodesia

Rhodesian Hoodie and Hat set in Legun camo

After almost half a year since the last news on this subject was posted, we got information about resurrecting and reorganization the project. As the author says in a published video, the reasons for the failure of the previous project were mainly connected with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, his willingness to help and subsequent sending of large batches of uniforms to local units. This did not allow to fulfill his financial obligations, and a more economical model called "Donbas" was created on the basis of the feedback. From now on, a new chapter related to the Legun camo is being written, where the offer will also include the "Donbas" uniform created in the Ukrainian MM14 camouflage, various pieces of equipment items and non-camouflage-related T-shirts and accessories.

Uniform Donbasiak MM14

New "Donbas" uniform in the Ukrainian MM14 camouflage

With this comes a new online store and a change from selling preorder to listing only goods that are in stock. You can listen about everything in the author's video below.


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