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Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available
Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available

Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available

Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available
Polish "LEGUN" camouflage has become available

This year, the Polish uniforms market was experiencing a kind of revolution. After the MAPA camouflage was rejected by the military, it is introduced into the civilian market. It is available with quite a large collection of uniforms and equipment in the form of backpacks, vests and pouches. New accessories in the Map A camouflage are also constantly being announced and the subject of other types of this camouflage is still discussed.



There is also an original design of a different camouflage. The Polish author of films on historical and military topics, known to the public as the Irritating Historian, has presented ready-made products in his own camouflage in December. Created in accordance with the art of camouflage, based on scientific publications on this subject, knowing the realities of the environment that exists in Poland, he designed a camouflage called "LEGUN" completely from scratch. Ultimately, it was supposed to be a response to the problems of confusing shooters with professional soldiers by using both groups of WZ camouflage, until it turned into a full-fledged camouflage available to everyone.





The camouflage itself is designed for the spring-summer-autumn period, the colors and layout of the pattern are to imitate the conditions prevailing in Poland as much as possible. A wide range of natural colors and the arrangement of lines and spots visually create an impression of chaos, which should mask it well. The uniform itself is to be made of a rip-stop material. At the moment, there was a short pre-sale of shirts and caps modeled on uniforms from the period of the conflicts in Rhodesia. Light, airy shirts perfect for summer, patrol hats and shorts, which will be available shortly, are the current summer offer.










In some time, one can also expect a full set of uniforms in the form of trousers, a uniform shirt and probably a combat shirt, as well as a range of headgear such as well-known patrol caps in a classic cut and modern camouflage. A line of accessories and other camouflages were also announced for the future (a combat-shirt in the Polish People's Republic camouflage pattern 58?). Work is also underway on a winter version in the form of a camo suit. It is worth noting that this is a completely private initiative, supported by a large dose of knowledge from scientific works or authors. All production takes place only in Poland, with the participation of Polish companies.




The project is carried out with private funds, so the number of products made is not particularly big. However, the entire profit from sales will be used to cover the costs of production and purchases of the next batch of sewing material (twice as much as before). Hence, more uniforms will be available.

For the inquisitive and interested, the author himself has made the following video, after presenting the genesis of the project, answers the question, where did the name "LEGUN" came from.


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