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ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (Dash One)
ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (Dash One)

ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (Dash One)

ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (Dash One)
ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (Dash One)

Recently, an unusual tactical flashlight called the ZeroBlindSpot 0BS-1 (or Zero Blind Spot Dash One) has attracted attention in the media. People responsible for the design of this device are former special forces soldiers and it has been tested by members of other uniformed services, including active special forces operators.

This very fresh product stands out from the competition with its design. It is made for mounting on the bottom M-LOK rail of a few manufacturers (including Midwest Industries, AeroPrecision, Daniel Defense, BCM and BAD - there is no guarantee that it will fit other brands), but supposed compatibility is also provided with the KeyMod systems. The 0BS-1 uses as many as four heads with separate emitters which, according to available information, are able to generate a total luminous flux of 400 lumens in the High mode and 300 lumens in Low mode. Individual heads are spaced apart in such a way as to surround the barrel and the handguard of a weapon. This has two uses: one of them is even distribution of the weight of the accessory (about 215 grams), but the more important one is to ensure an evenly distributed light, which is not obscured by the barrel, front sight, suppressor, or other components mounted on a weapon.

One may wonder if the problem of uneven illumination of the target can't be solved... by mounting a standard flashlight closer to the muzzle, or using a product with a properly focused beam of light. In particular, regardless of the number of heads and their setup, it may not be possible to fully eliminate the shadow cast by a weapon. However, it is a product designed for use at close range - up to 25 meters - where throw flashlights might not perform well enough.

The advantage of the new flashlight is the possibility of mounting it both in front and at the back on the carbine's handguard without significantly affecting the distribution of the light it shines. Due to the location of two separate switches on both sides of the 0BS-1, the manufacturer claims that using an additional switch on a cable makes no sense. The device can operate in two modes: temporary and continuous. It is powered by a rechargeable integral 18650 cell charged via USB-C port, which lasts for 4 hours of continuous operation in high mode, or 8 hours in low mode.

Designed and assembled in Colorado, this unusual flashlight, with no detailed technical data or information on the resistance standards met by it that are available at the moment, was prices by the manufacturer at about 350-400 USD. The question is - is it worth it? The manufacturer, in his short informative video, assures that it is.

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