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InfiRay New Products: Hybrid HYL50W & Tube NV TD70L V2
InfiRay New Products: Hybrid HYL50W & Tube NV TD70L V2

InfiRay New Products: Hybrid HYL50W & Tube NV TD70L V2

InfiRay New Products: Hybrid HYL50W & Tube NV TD70L V2
InfiRay New Products: Hybrid HYL50W & Tube NV TD70L V2

Yesterday's "Spark the desire to explore" conference made by representatives of InfiRay Outdoor certainly pleased enthusiasts of advanced thermal and night vision optics. During the event, four new products were presented, including the first commercial thermal imaging sight on the market with a real 90 Hz refresh rate.

The presented sights included two models: the Hybrid HYL50W thermal imaging device and the Tube NV TD70L V2 night vision device.


The Hybrid HYL50W is the first thermal imaging sight available on the commercial market (with the possibility of using it as a clip-on attachment for traditional optics) that offers a real refresh rate (both of the screen as well as the device sensor) of 90 Hz, allowing to observe dynamically moving objects with unprecedented comfort. The device also has the standard 50 Hz mode, which allows extend the operating time of the thermal imager by 25%.

The device uses a sensor with a resolution of 384x288 pixels, a size of 17 µm and very high thermal sensitivity of NETD ≤25 mK. Combined with the 50 mm F1.0 optics, this gives a detection range for an object the size of a human at a distance of 1800 meters, while maintaining a field of view of 7.5°× 5.6°

The image is displayed on an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560×1920 px. The power supply is provided by a 3.7 V Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4400 mA, which allows for at least 6 hours of continuous operation of the device. The Hybrid HYL50W also can be used with classic daytime optics (recommended magnification in the range of 1-9x) and with an optional laser rangefinder module: LR1000 or LR2000. It is possible to record videos with sound (64 GB onboard memory). The thermal imager also offers a number of other functions, including a ballistic calculator.

Weighing approximately 830 grams, the sight is water-resistant in the high IP67 standard, and thanks to a new shock absorption solution, it withstands recoil of up to 1,200 g /0.3 ms (e.g. generated by .375 or 9.3×64 caliber ammunition).

The Tube NV TD70L V2

The second of the InfiRay Outdoor sights presented during the conference is the day-night Tube NV TD70L V2 model. The new generation of this product uses an FHD sensor with 4 µm pixels. Due to their increased dimensions, the sensor captures residual light more efficiently and provides better imaging quality. The manufacturer declares that compared to its predecessor, the TD50L model, the sensitivity has been increased by 100%: from 0.002 to 0.001 lux. The clarity of the presented picture is also influenced by 70 mm (F1.8) optics used. Thanks to these features, it will be possible to display a colorful image even an hour after sunset.

The basic optical magnification of the new scope is 5.5x, with a field of view of 4.7°×3.5°, and digital magnification allows to increase this value up to 22x. The observation range declared by the manufacturer reaches 300 meters. It is worth noting the ability to precisely set the reticle with an accuracy of up to 0.2 MOA (5.7 mm at 100 meters). The image is displayed on an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440x1080 pixels (1.6x increase compared to the previous generation of the product).

The power supply is provided by a built-in battery with a capacity of 6600 mAh, which allows the device to operate for 9 hours (measurements at a temperature of 22°C) with the option of extending it by using external 5V powersource (USB-C port).

The design of the device allows to maintain the ergonomics of using daytime optics (45 mm eye relief), and it uses traditional 30 mm mounting rings, which are included in the set. The classic-looking Tube NV TD70L V2 scope has been implemented with a whole range of modern functionalities that make its use easier and more comfortable. Those include Wi-Fi connectivity, photo and video recorder with sound with a capacity of 32 GB, a recoil-activated recording function (RAV) and many others. The product is suitable for use with an optional LRF module and an external infrared illuminator (850 nm or 940 nm).

Despite its considerable size, the weight of the new scope to approximately 945 grams. It has also been protected against the adverse effects of water in the IP67 standard and adapted to withstand recoil energy of up to 6000 J.

In addition to the sights, two other products were also presented during the InfiRay Outdoor conference: the already announced new generation of the Finder monocular (the FH35R V2) and the Gemini GEH50Rmultispectral binoculars - but this is a topic for separate news.

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