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Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is available!
Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is available!

Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is available!

Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is available!
Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is available!

A well known Polish manufacturer of optical equipment for various applications - Delta Optical - has introduced a broadly announced new LPVO sight with a reticle in the first focal plane, which additionally enables the adjustment of parallax error.

The Stryker HD 1-10x28 FFP is a high-class product which features and technical specifications will certainly be interesting to many shooters. Priced at 1900 EUR, the sight became officially available yesterday. We had the opportunity to see it several times as such events at: this year's IWA OutdoorClassics fair, MSPO 2023 and at the Delta Long Range Weekend in May, which we covered very broadly here.

The new LVPO scope with a 34 mm tube and 28 mm objective lens offers variable magnification in the range of 1-10x. Comfortable observation is possible thanks to the eye relief of 83-99 mm. Depending on the magnification setting, the field of view ranges from 2.23° to 22° (3.9-38.9 m at 100 m). High-quality ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass is responsible for the image quality, which also allows the product to be used effectively in low light conditions.

The manufacturer claims that the LPVO Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 is the best riflescope in its class which, in addition to reliability and excellent image quality, is also versatile. This last declaration is definitely supported by the solutions used in the product.

Full use of the advantages of a wide magnification range is facilitated by the unique SDOG-1 reticle placed in the first focal plane. When used at close range, its design allows for quick target acquisition. The Minimum 1x magnification, combined with the function of illuminating the outer ring and a part of the inner reticle (power by a CR2032 battery), support the use of optics in a way similar to red dot sights, also in full daylight. Increasing the magnification level results in increased visibility of a precision part of the reticle scaled in milliradians. Additionally, a stadiametric rangefinder was also applied, which helps estimate the distance to the target.

The manufacturer also used another solution here, which is not popular in LPVO riflescopes, and can be extremely useful for people who plan to use the product more often for precise shooting at longer distances: parallax error adjustment. Depending on the distance from the observed object, one can use the side knob to ensure a faithful positioning of the position of the target and the reticle on the same plane and avoid distortions resulting from improper eye positioning. This adjustment also allows maintaining a sharp image at any distance.

The design of the turrets is also noteworthy. They are low profile and lockable, with a single click equivalent to 0.1 MRAD.

The Stryker HD 1-10x28 SDOG-1 from the Polish company Delta Optical weighs 625 g, is filled with nitrogen, resistant to adverse effects of water and adapted to withstand shocks up to 6500 J. The product is covered by a 10-year warranty. The buyer also receives an optional lever for quickly magnification adjustment. Full technical parameters are presented in the photo below.

Source: Delta Optical



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