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New Magpul products are coming
New Magpul products are coming

New Magpul products are coming

New Magpul products are coming
New Magpul products are coming

Recently, the latest new products from the American company Magpul have appeared. The widely known manufacturer of accessories and addons continues to work on accessories for SIG P320 pistols, and in addition to the already known magazines (A new generation of Magpul magazines), we will receive new grip modules.

Magpul EHG SG9 will be available in 4 variants, divided into Full Size and Compact versions as well as ones with and without a safety switch. All will be the same length (7.1 inches), offering a 3-slot underbarrel rail, a spur, a light texture below the trigger line and a magazine release button.

The Compact and Full Size models differ in the lack of an integral magazine well. The products will be available in two colors (Black and FDE) and regardless of the variant they will cost 59.95 USD.

Another new product are accessories for classic Lever-Action rifles. New tactical polymer handguards have been created for the Marlin 1895 rifles. The 12-inch ELG M-LOK handguard has slots on three sides and it is intended to offer increased ergonomics along with the possibility of installing accessories. The handguard is designed for the 1895 carbine chambered in the .40-70 Gov caliber, but after some modifications it can also be fitted on the Marlin model 1894 and 336 rifles.

An addition that fits all these weapons without modification is the new ELG M-LOK Stock.

It offers additional features such as the ability to adjust the length by approximately 38 mm (1.5 inches) and it also has an adjustable cheek pad. The insides of the stock has been used to create an internal compartment that can hold an additional 6 rounds of the .30-30 or .40-70 Gov ammunition.

On the sides of the stock there are two M-LOK slots and QD socket for a sling swivel. The whole is finished by a thick buttplate, dedicated to the new stock.

The new handguard and stock will be available in 3 colors (Black, Olive Green, FDE) at a price of 139.95 USD for the stock and 79.95 USD for the handguard.

A new DAKA system case was created to carry longer rifles. The DAKA Hard Case LR53 is designed to easily accommodate sniper rifles with all their accessories. We have an internal space with dimensions of approximately 1360x400x130 mm (53.8x16.6x5.5 inches) arranged using the proprietary Daka Grid system (Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer). Together with the case, we will receive 10 pieces of 2 and 3 space blocks. Only the black color will be available, with an announced price of 369 USD.

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