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New Novritsch products for 2020 [INTERVIEW]
New Novritsch products for 2020 [INTERVIEW]

New Novritsch products for 2020 [INTERVIEW]

New Novritsch products for 2020 [INTERVIEW]
New Novritsch products for 2020 [INTERVIEW]

The presentation took place in the highest apartment of a five-star hotel in the center of Vienna. The participants were served with snacks, and after the presentation they were invited to the restaurant for the unofficial part. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were not able to take part in it. It was most unfortunate because, above all, in the hotel it was not possible to talk freely with Chris. The hotel meeting was strictly organization and each of the invited guests, mainly youtubers, had a limited time to interview Chris.

The official part with the presentation of the company that has grown significantly over the past three years since its inception in 2016, as has the current offer of the brand. Currently, Novritsch opens branches in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA (warehouse, technical support and service), in Taipei, Taiwan (quality control and development) and of course its headquarters, technical support and service in Vienna, Austria.


During the next part Chris presented the vision guiding the whole project. In principle, he would like the customer buying a Novritsch brand product to know that they do not have to do anything with the purchased replica, that it will be effective, and at the same time, with which part of the community will probably argue, at a reasonable price. One could say that from a practical point of view, existing Novritsch products are closer to custom made ones. Manufacturers of replicas and relevant components are researched, and then everything is put together. It is well known that the famous SSG24 is made for Novritsch primarily by Modify. However, when you look at other large and recognized manufacturers on the market, hardly anyone makes a replica from A to Z.

Gas-powered pistols without Blow Back were presented. The new version of the SSX23 (2020) is equipped with additional Picatinny rails, and the magazine gained improved feed lips.





The prototype of the conversion of the SSX23 was very interesting. If we have understood correctly, the conversion called the SSX303 will be an independent, separate set, without the possibility of buying it as a kit by people who already have the replica. The SSX303 will go on sale this summer, and now you can book your copy for 30 EUR (the amount later settled in the final price). The conversion will be made of aluminum. The handgaurd will have a top Picatinny rail and on the sides M-LOK standard slots. The replica is supposed to be silent (below 44db) and, as it was stated at the presentation, precise. The new valve is to ensure a muzzle velocity in the range of 300-500 fps.








The presentation also mentioned a replica called the SSR15, which is the be the future first AEG made under the Novritsch brand. The replica will be made of reinforced nylon, the hanguard from aluminum in the M-LOK standard, and a quick electronic trigger will be installed. Hop-Up is to handle heavy BBs. The SSR15 will enter the market this summer, and you can reserve your copy for 50 EUR (settled on purchase). Unfortunately, we were not able to see it.



The most important part of the presentation, however, were the new SSG10 A1 and A2 sniper rifles. Two versions were presented, a budget one and a "bling" one. From the technical side both will be the same, but they differ in appearance. In the "bling" version we get a Maple Leaf stock. Chris boasted (and has presented it several times) that the pneumatic system in these replicas is almost one hundred percent air-tight. The trigger assembly is produced using CNC machines. The precision piston is made of aluminum and the cylinder is made of stainless steel. The system has a 10% increase in air capacity. Of course, the replica's power depends on the spring. On an M220 the BBs are supposed to reach 700 fps. The A2 version, thanks to the Maple Leaf stock, gives the possibility of full configuration it for the shooter. It also has much more options for installing additional accessories. The SSG10 A1 is now available for sale and costs EUR 299. The A2 version is more expensive - 499 EUR.





An important and somewhat surprising news turned out to be the introduction of a 25-year long warranty on Novritsch products. On one hand, this proves that Chris is convinced of the solutions used in Novritsch replicas, but also, in our opinion, gives great comfort to buyers and will certainly become a strong argument, even if the replica seems more expensive than it should, according to online wise men (I personally often prefer to pay extra and in this way buy some personal comfort - Regdorn). Leatherman offers a similar warranty on its multitools. In an event of damage resulting of proper use (but practice shows that sometimes it is not the case), usually a multitool is replaced with a new one. Will it be the same in this case? Time will tell.

The presentation was prepared very professionally. We would like more manufacturers to organize presentations in such an atmosphere. It is worth noting that the host also took care of strong lighting, with the media in mind, but from our point of view, it probably gave the opposite effect. Below is a video from the presentation and an interview with Chris about his beginnings in airsoft, company development and his products.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/z8G38WacErY?wmode=opaque" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" />



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