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Infrared Surefire XC2-A-IRC

Infrared Surefire XC2-A-IRC

Infrared Surefire XC2-A-IRC

The Surefire XC2-A-IRC is a combination of a flashlight and a laser sight in a compact form, intended for use under the barrels of Glock 19/19x/45/23 pistols or other compacts. Its main feature is adaptation to be used only with night vision devices, because both the flashlight and the laser sight operate in the infrared band: 845 nm (laser) and 850 nm (flashlight), and are not visible with the naked eye.


The flashlight has been equipped with the MaxVision Beam reflector. Power is supplied by a single AAA battery. In the rear part of the housing there are two-sided temporary switches operated by the thumb of the supporting hand or the index finger of the shooting hand. The user can also use the permanent switch located a little more at the front of the housing, also on both sides.


The housing is made of an anodized aluminum alloy. The XC2-A-IRC comes in two varieties, the previously described and (for reasons that are not fully understood) in a form of just a  laser sight. The device meets the IPX7 waterproof standard. The price is 449 USD.



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