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The SVD replica by LCT Airsoft will be available soon
The SVD replica by LCT Airsoft will be available soon

The SVD replica by LCT Airsoft will be available soon

The SVD replica by LCT Airsoft will be available soon
The SVD replica by LCT Airsoft will be available soon

After announcements and a long waiting time, a replica of the Dragunov sniper rifle by LCT Airsoft has appeared on the market.

Two of the three announced versions are currently available: the classic with plywood handguard and stock, and the more modern one with plastic accessories.




At the moment, there is no SVDS version with a folding stock. However, the graphics on the boxes suggest that it will also appear one day.




The replica itself is made of steel and this is reflected in the weight of 3.9 kg. The receiver is milled on CNC machines (like the first versions of the Kalashnikov rifle).




The coating is uniformly dark gray and matte. The replica comes with a 700 mm long steel inner barrel, a proprietary slim motor and a metal Hop-Up chamber in the SVD standard with rotary adjustment. The outer barrel itself ends with a long flash hider, known from the real SVD. It is also a single element with the mount of the front sight and the bayonet.




As could be expected, the gearbox is standard for SVD replicas, with 4 gears (most likely also made using a CNC method). They are be mounted on ball bearings. The pneumatic assembly is likely a piston with full metal teeth, a metal cylinder head, a nozzle with an o-ring and a type 1 cylinder with an opening at its end. The trigger has been solved in a classic way with a standard contact block. There is also no control system on board, but there is a quick spring change system. The replica will come with a small Tamiya plug.








On the outside, it can also be added that the replica was designed based on a real firearm, has wooden parts that look really good, and a standard, for this rifle, mount for optical sights. Each replica will also have an individual serial number.












The replica comes with a 55 BB midcap magazine. For the version with plastic parts a cheek pad is included, which can be freely positioned. There is no data about the as muzzle velocity, price or availability but this information should be available soon. Maybe E&L will also release its SVD replica, which has been announced for two ago, which You can read about HERE.



Photo: SVD E&L 

Or will there be a better version of a bullpup SVD than the SVU by Cyma?


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