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First details about the MDRX replica by Silverback

First details about the MDRX replica by Silverback

First details about the MDRX replica by Silverback

After a little preview of the TAC41 A REPLICA and hints in recent days, Silverback has presented the heart of the new replica, i.e. the MDRX in an AEG version. As with previous designs, an innovative approach was demonstrated during the project.

After a closer look at the new gearbox, one can see that it has two parts.

The top is a bore-up system with a diameter of 26mm (19% more capacity than regular).

Inside we will find an aluminum cylinder head with a factory fitted bumper, stainless steel nozzle and no tappet plate.

In addition, there is an aluminum piston head with a single seal and a wear ring made of POM, and an aluminum piston with a 16-tooth steel piston bar.

The whole couldn't be complete without a quick spring change system with a bearing spring guide made of steel and aluminum and with three hooks for greater durability.
The lower part hides 10 mm ball bearings, gears with 18:1 torgue-up ratio, an ETU system, Hall sensor detecting the gear cycle, position of the selector plate and a CPU at the motor.

The whole thing is to be mounted in a frame made of ADC 12 aluminum alloy, with a short neodymium HT 19000RPM motor (at a voltage of 11.1 V). You can also see the standard T-Deans plug and silver-plated teflon-coated wires.

The whole thing indicates a high level of advancement of work, but no specific release dates of the replica have been given.



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