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InfiRay Fast FAH25 - a new multispectral sight
InfiRay Fast FAH25 - a new multispectral sight

InfiRay Fast FAH25 - a new multispectral sight

InfiRay Fast FAH25 - a new multispectral sight
InfiRay Fast FAH25 - a new multispectral sight

The InfiRay Outdoor has included a new product to the Thermal+ line, i.e. a solution combining classic optics with thermal imaging. The InfiRay FAH25/1X34D is a derivative of the FAL19/1x34D, which combines the functionalities of red dot sight and a thermal imaging sight.

The new variant uses larger optics (f25 /F1.0) and a thermal sensor with a higher resolution (640x512 px). The remaining parameters of the sensor have not changed - the pixel size is 12 μm, the NETD sensitivity is specified at ≤25 mK, and the refresh rate is 50 Hz .

According to the data available at the manufacturer's website, the field of view of the thermal imaging layer has been increased, which now covers angles of 17.5°x14° (13.8°×10.4° in the FAL19 model). The use of a sensor with a higher resolution also resulted in an increase in the range of the device. InfiRay Outdoor states that the FAH25 has a recognition range (at least 6 pixels) of 590 meters (450 meters for the FAL19 model). It is worth noting that advertising materials most often mention the detection range, that is only two detected pixels.

We wrote more about the interpretation of the operating range of thermal imaging devices, as well as their other parameters in this year's series of articles devoted to this topic. If you are interested, take a look.

The InfiRay Fast FAH25 offers various modes of applying the thermal layer to the OLED screen (34 mm x 25 mm) showing the optical channel. In addition to the feature of using the device as a traditional red dot sight (the battery life then reaches 65 hours), the user can also highlight the outlines of hot objects, highlight their entire silhouette, and completely switch to thermal imaging. Although the basic optical magnification of the device is 1x, the thermal imager allows to use 2x digital magnification.

In thermal imaging mode, the FAH25 sight works for at least 4 hours using two CR123 batteries. The manufacturer also declares compatibility with rechargeable 3.7 V batteries as well as with an external power source via the USB-C interface.

The sight is adapted for use on weapons (resistance 1200g / 0.3ms) also with a special 3x magnifier with QD mount. The InfiRay Fast FAH25 weighs approximately 652 grams and is protected against the adverse effects of water in the high IP67 standard.

Source: InfiRay Outdoor



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