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Haenel's problems continue

Haenel's problems continue

Haenel's problems continue

After the cancellation of the tender for the successor of the G36 in the German army (The legal battle for a contract for the Bundeswehr is over, The tender for new carbines for the Bundeswehr will not be concluded?, Green light for the HK416A8 for the Bundeswehr), Haenel's problems don't stop there. H&K accused Haenel of infringing patent rights on the design of the bolt carrier structure. The system of draining liquids after immersion, in accordance with the protected patent owned by HK, has been questioned. As reported: "This system is responsible for draining liquids and ensuring safe use of the carbine after immersion and removal from water". Currently, using the judgment of the Higher District Court of November 16, 2021, a number of actions have been ordered to remove the design of the CR223 carbine.

Production and sales have been suspended until further notice, and all produced carbines in the manufacturer's possession will have to be destroyed, while unsold and privately owned rifles will have to be returned and compensated. The whole will also affect state institutions that have a CR 223 rifle in stock, such as the Saxon Police or the Hamburg Police Special Unit.


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